What I have in common with Leonardo da Vinci

Since my childhood I can write mirror writing with my left hand. At some point I also noticed that I am simultaneously able to copy a text with my right hand and the same text in mirror writing with my left hand. Since then probably the term "left-right-synchronized-writing" prevailed.

I am also able to draw left right synchronized.

Until 2005, I believed that anyone could do that and that it was nothing special until a woman with the same ability appeared on "Wetten, dass ..." (a former German betting show) and even became a betting queen.


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Actually, I am right-handed, but can do all activities with the left hand. The disadvantage of this "two-handedness" is a slight right-left confusion, from case by case, I confuse right and left. But I'm not an isolated case - according to an Australian study a third of all adult Australians have this problem >And apparently no one has investigated the Germans yet.

Here is a report of regional newspaper online:

left write writing


A woman from Hof/Bavaria is competing with Gottschalks betting queen of Saturday evening: "I can also write with two hands at the same time," reported the 34-year-old Sonja Wietzel-Winkler yesterday at our newspaper.
In the show "Wetten, dass ..?" (Bet, that...) the 39-year-old master hairdresser Eva Glock from the vicinity of Schwäbisch Hall was chosen as the betting queen in front of a 14-million audience, because she wrote a text dictated by Gottschalk with the right hand in front of the camera in normal writing and with the left at the same time in mirror writing.

Hand in plaster

Yesterday, a woman from Hof proved that she has the same skills as the betting queen. "Armed" with two ballpoint pens, Sonja Wietzel-Winkler wrote - with amazing speed and without previous practice - a text from our newspaper.
As an explanation for this unusual ability, the 34-year-old photographer gives two misadventures that happened to her as a child: "I had twice broken a finger of my right hand while playing ball in sport lesson," she says. "Once the little finger and once the middle finger." Both times her right hand had been in plaster for four weeks.

Because the zealous pupil wanted to come along in the lessons, she started writing down what had been written on the board with her left hand. "But that did not work very well," recalls the 34-year-old, who found out as a child that she could better write in mirror writing with her left hand, so she wrote her notes in mirror writing at school - and her mother transmitted them at home in normal writing in the exercise book. At one point she realized that she could also write synchronously with both hands.

"Only a week ago," says Sonja Wietzel-Winkler, the talk is about her special talent at the birthday party of her mother. Of course, the birthday guests wanted to see evidence. "They all said it was so great," says Sonja Wietzel-Winkler, "that they advised me to compete with "Wetten, dass ...? (Bet, that...) "

Like da Vinci

Now it is too late for that. But a small consolation remains. The Bild-Zeitung (a high circulation nationwide newspaper in Germany) wrote yesterday about the betting queen Eva Glock: "All of Germany is amazed by the skills of this woman. She possesses an absolutely unique ability, which only very few people have, such as the great painter and inventor genius Leonardo da Vinci. "At least, Sonja Wietzel-Winkler can also claim that for herself.

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