At the moment there is an exibition at BRK Senior Home in Hof, Erlhofer Straße, it's in the entrance area.

In the Book Gallery In The Altstadt-Court (Altstadt 36 in Hof) several of my pictures are exhibited and can also be purchased there. In my online gallery I have noted which pictures are meant.

The book gallery has opened:
Monday to Friday 10am - 6pm, Saturday from 10am to 4pm

My previous exhibitions:

2019 - Nov. till ? BRK Senior Home in Hof
2019 - 29. Sept. Autumn-Gallery in Hof
2018 - January Galerie der anderen Art ("Gallery Of A Different Kind") in Aue, Saxonia
2017 - Nov./Dec. KunstSaat XXI (Kunstverein Hof, Galerie im Theresienstein)
Artseed XXI (Art society Hof, gallery at Theresienstein)
2016 - Nov./Dec. KunstSaat XX
2016 - 23.-25. Sept. Hoftexplosion 2 - art exhibition of company "Hoftex" in Hof
2016 - June/July Art exhibition in Old Country Hospital in Hof
2015 - Nov./Dec. "Fauna and Flora" in art society Hof, gallery at Theresienstein
2015 - October "Colors in life" - community exhibition with Gertraud Fischer and Rosario Fuhrmann in environment agency in Hof (Landesamt für Umwelt)
2014 - December KunstSaat XVIII
2013 - December KunstSaat XVII
2013 - 7. July Kunstmarkt Bayreuth - Art Market Bayreuth
2012 - December Kunstsaat XVI
2012 - 28.10.-3.11. Exhibition/Exposure in Book Gallery In The Altstadt-Court, Hof
2012 - 25.3. Verkaufsstand beim Hofer Frühling
Stall at municipal event "Spring in Hof"
2012 - March/April Bürgerzentrum Hof - Civic Center Hof
2011 - December Kunstsaat XV
2011 - March-June Hospitalstiftung Hof - Hospital foundation
"Abstract thought portaits and representational collages"
2010 - December Kunstsaat XIV (see also Site Press)
2007 - July Photo exhibition in shopping mall named FRITZ, Kulmbach
"Woman in flared pants in front of man in sleeping bag - the individual view of things"
2006 - November Photo exhibition in savings bank Hof (Sparkasse Hof)
"Woman in flared pants in front of man in sleeping bag - the individual view of things"
1997 - Oxtober Photo exhibition im Autohaus (car dealer) Degner Naila
"Route 66"
1997 - May Photo exhibition in savings bank Hof (Sparkasse Hof)
"Abstraktes & Abstruses" - "Abstract & Abstruse/Fanciful"
1994 - October Photo exhibition in theatre Plauen
"Route 66"
1990 Photo exhibition in former café "Atemnot" in Hof
"Under bridges"


Are you interested in my art?

Please contact me on +49 (0) 9281 794955 or at