About my exhibition in the town hall of Schönwald near Selb (from mid September to end of November 2023):

The Volkshochschule Hofer Land (Community College in Hof) uses a picture of me on the Spring / Summer 2021 program and on their new greeting cards.

Youtube video from my exhibition in der Galerie der anderen Art ("Gallery Of A Different Kind") in Aue:

The team of "Hoftexplosion" used a picture of me on the invitation card:

Hoftexplosion 2016

Frankenpost 14/10/2015 Exhibition at Environment agency in Hof

exhibition Environment agency in Hof

Extract: "When filling with photos, I claim at every stage that the picture looks aesthetically pleasing to me," informs Sonja Wietzel-Winkler the exhibition visitors and adds beaming: "I have a lot of fun".

Frankenpost 23/03/2012

Frankenpost 19/03/2012

Extract: Picasso once said, "If I do not have red, then I'll take brown." Sonja Wietzel-Winkler explained to an employee in a snack bar who was just grilling steaks: "If I need brown, then I'll take a steak." Then she was allowed to take a picture of the steak.

Frankenpost 17/06/2011

Facebook post of city council Hof:

Blickpunkt 30/03/2011

Ausstellungseröffnung Gerbergasse

Extract: There was brisk business at the vernissage of Sonja Wietzel-Winkler, including Lord Mayor Dr. Harald Fichtner.

Hofer Anzeiger 17/12/2010

Kunstsaat 2010


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